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Default Re: Dallas fan with a question here...

Hey, TNewman, welcome to the board! I'll respectfully disagree with your notion that the Pats are overrated -- I really think they're as good as advertised -- but we hope to kick the crap out of them too, so thanks for the encouragement.

I'm going to try to root for the Cowboys this week, but you have to understand that many Steeler fans, including me, are sworn Cowboys haters (no offense to you, of course) and it's tough to cheer for you guys.

Remember when the Steelers played the Colts in the playoffs in 05, and every single media outlet predicted total obliteration of the Steelers? On any given Sunday, anything can happen.

I think you're going to have a high scoring game on Sunday. It goes without saying that Romo has to be mistake-free, because the Pats will turn your mistakes into points. If he starts throwing INTs, you guys are toast. Dallas probably has to decide whether to try to contain the pass or the run, and you do have a really good cornerback who just might be able to rein Moss in a little. Getting pressure on Brady really irritates him, and sometimes he can be pushed into mistakes.

In my opinion, to beat them you're going to need a perfect day by your quarterback (oh, and no drops by T.O. - he's gotta hang on to that ball!), an All-Pro day by your corner, and to get the D into Brady's face as much as possible. Dallas can be a very high-scoring offense, so I look for the game to be close through at least three quarters unless Romo is throwing picks.

As much as it pains me to say this to a Cowboys fan: good luck!
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