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Default Re: Dallas fan with a question here...

I think the Cowboys can beat them.

If Romo plays like he did in weeks 1 an 2 isntead of the way he played last Monday night, their chances are really good. If they have a good chance of hitting T.O. downfield on a play or two, they must take it. But no throwing into double/triple coverage.

T.O. has to stop dropping the ball. He has to get back to obliterating DB's after he catches the ball.

I think Newman can reign Moss in a bit. Moss is still gonna have a good day (at least 1 TD catch and probally at least 80 yards), but if you keep him from catching 3 TD's and racking up 100+ yards you'll have a chance.

The defense has to TACKLE TACKLE TACKLE. The Pats-Cleveland game was a blowout because of the Clowns didn't wrap up. They were going for a lot of highlight hits instead of a solid tackle.

Roy Williams sucks in coverage, but he's a heavy hitter. He needs to put some fear into the Patriot recievers not named Moss by blasting them into next year when the cross over the middle. When they are thinking about getting hit more that about making the catch, then they will be ineffective and Brady will have nobodyn to go to but Moss.

The Cowboys have to play a more aggresive blitz scheme. Your coach has to get the defense's front seven playing a scheme more like last year's Chargers. When Brady is getting pressured, that's when he makes mistakes. He'll throw more passes incomplete, throw up a few more jump balls, and be more skiddish and less protective of the football. He's a pretty boy, he doesn't like contact. You don't even have to sack him, just knock him down some and he'll be a bit off.

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