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Post Re: It's Clowns Week

Originally Posted by steelers fans=morons
well here I am again on this board, thanks for such a big reaction, if makes me feel better about myself. and you have a very false sense of security in this game, if you think that the rat birds played all out last week to get a win then you will be surprised...

oh, and on a side note, you all seem to never talk about how your coach used to be a browns player...
Originally Posted by steelers fans=morons
Charlie Batch completed 9-of-16 for 65 yards, no touchdowns and an interception..The only chance the steelers win this game is if ben starts. And if the steelers joke of a running game doesn't get going then it is going a long night....
Ha! My goodness,I'm laughing my head off!

The Browns and their fans are so pathetics!

To show you how pathetic, check out:

At this page ( it shows the last time they beat the Steelers, which was over 2 years ago, that Monday night game someone mentioned.

What ticks me off more is the people who do this site are from my hometown of New Castle. One thing about New Castle is that it was infested with too many Browns fans, being an hour or so from both Cleveland and Pittsburgh. I rather deal with these Eagle fans around Philly than the Brwnies fans!

As much as I hate the Ratbirds and think the Ratbird fans are totally pathetic, my hate for the Browns can not be topped!

Even with Farrior, the Bus, Willie, and Big Ben out, the Brownies will still choke on their leash.


Steelers Football: Simply the Best!
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