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Default Re: Dallas fan with a question here...

The game will be won or lost on the fundamentals. If the Cowboys run their plays the way they are supposed to, and if their defense plays solidly, they will win.

I don't think there is EVER any secret to winning in this league; it ALWAYS comes down to execution. The reason the Pats are so good (they are) is because they execute their scheme and their plays so well. The way to beat them is to match them in that area, and then try to take advantage where you have better personnel matchups; I think that means TO.

That's all they ever do to other teams, execute their plan where they match you evenly, or where you are better and might not execute as well, and then they beat you where their players are better because those guys won't make mistakes. Just beat them at their own game.

It IS tough to root for the Cowboys, but I'll do it! I'm glad that this game is during a bye week for us; it will give me a reason to be glued to the set (and avoid yard work).

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