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Default Re: It's Clowns Week

Originally Posted by ATENEARS
As if ... you would have been parading Mid-1970's players out and been all proud and crap. Why bother, I could list all of our HOF'ers from the 50 & 60's AND THEN you could have said that I was living in the past.

What the hell QB's have the Steelers had that have been any better then Kosar or Sipe, since the 70's??? Big Ben is being handled with kid gloves, Pittsburgh ranks dead last in pass attempts, 27th in passing yards. Big Gay Ben hasn't even begun to play the position yet to be mentioned among the great.

One of your little brethran here mentioned the Pro Bowl topic, not me. And just because you LOST to us more times then won in the history between our two teams, doesn't make you great either.

Geez, have you had your coffee today yet? Perhaps your still coldcocked by my description of the items in your duffle bag (racquetball, strong rubber band and three feet of rope)
If you hang around on this site..u'll see that we mostly promote the current / recent history around here. WE all know the 70's teams were a Dynasty, Period..but we also tought and cheer and talk up the current teams basically we dont need to dwell on the past like you all seem to like to think we do..we just have that in our hip pocket if we need it.

And yes I know you werent bringing up the whole pro bowl thing originally but I had to throw it out there cuz I didnt want ya thinking a couple pro bowlers was all that great of an accomplishment in the grand scheme of things..

Relax, its just trash talk.. its Steelers / Browns week, it just get much better than that !
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