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Default Re: Dallas fan with a question here...

I'll add to some points already made.

Roy Williams has been getting smoked a lot on coverage this year. I know that I saw on T.V. sometime in the past two weeks some game footage of him in the passing game. He looks terribly awkward and is having trouble committing to his assignments. It seems that a guy who makes his money taking off heads often has trouble sticking to coverage assignments. Newman is going to need him to help with Moss and if Dallas opts to play any sort of Zone coverage, like a Cover 2 where Newman plays somewhere within 10 yards of the LOS, they are going to get smoked by Randy Moss.

Another key will be how they defense plays in the middle of the field. Wes Welker is tremendously underrated on short routes and Brady can dink and dunk with the best of them.

On offense, the Cowboys have to establish a run game. The fact that they have a two headed running attack means that they are going to have the energy to take it to the Patriots defensive line. I have already said a few times that this defense is going to crumble as soon as they face a team that is capable of ramming it down their throat. We've all seen their swagger and B.S. hits late in the game once they have absolutely demoralized a team. Keeping it close and keeping those guys away from Romo's kneecaps is the only way this offense is going to produce anything through the air.

I'm not so worried about T.O., he'll get his. If there is a weekness to the Patriots defense I feel like its in the secondary. If the stats aren't there to back it up, its because the defensive line is very good at getting to the ball. It doesn't matter who is in the secondary, if Romo is forced to rush his throws, its going to get ugly.

Jason Witten, Jason Witten, Jason Witten is key to the Cowboys attack tomorrow. T.O. and Crayton need to spread out the secondary to open up the underneath route for Witten and Romo has to be smart enough to check down. I'm afraid that if the Patriots go up early, he won't. And they will lose any sort of offensive production.
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