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Default Re: Davenport is getting arrested

Originally Posted by MasterOfPuppets View Post
anyone, at anytime, can go file charges against anybody , without any witnesses , on thier word alone !i know because it happend to me ! an ex girlfriends, ex boyfriend, claimed that i threatend him with a baseball bat. while it was true i did have a louisville slugger in my possession, i never said one word to him. and i never came within 15 ft of him. the moron overlooked the fact that there were 3 people who were present at the time, and when he found out i had witnesses, and was planning a harrasment lawsuit he dropped the charges.there's no law against owning a bat. anyhow, just because this buttmunch accused me, falsely or not, i was still finger printed and givin a court date with 5 charges pending!
Dude, it's some bullsh*t ain't it.

Twice I have been charged with domestic violence by an ex-girlfriend of mine. Funny thing, the eye witness to both accounts were their new boyfriends. What kind of boyfriend doesn't kick the ass of the guy supposedly beating his girlfriend? Either a giant ***** (aka Bengals fan) or it's a lie.

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