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Default Re: Davenport is getting arrested

Originally Posted by lamberts-lost-tooth View Post
What most people dont realize is that custody issues in most states are civil matters and not criminal matters...

So, if Najeh has had problems with custodial issues in the past..he KNOWS that the most that is going to happen is that an officer will show up and take a report that Najeh is to present to a judge to show non-compliance of whatever court agreement the mother and father worked out.

In a nutshell, if the mother in this case even went so far as to deny Najeh his court issued visitation or shared officer will not force her to do anything. He can make a recomendation to the mother and he can file a report...nothing else.

Most of the Domestic Custodial calls we get are from parties who are finally FED UP with the other party being non-compliant ...and the court/legal system failing them. In a moment of emotion at not seeing their child or in a moment of emotion due to harrassment by the second party...they do something stupid, and THEN it becomes a criminal issue.
But when the police come, they now can be a witness to what is happening... instead of Najeh taking it upon himself. If it doesn't work, then take it back to court. He has the money for the lawyers.

Sorry guys (and gals), While I want him to be completely innocent... He is at the very least guilty of being quite stupid on this one.... possibly much more.
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