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Default Re: Best Steelers Defense Ever!

Originally Posted by Atlanta Dan View Post
Here is what the 1976 Steelers did in their last 9 games of the 1976 regular season

Cincinnati Bengals 23- 6
at New York Giants 27- 0
San Diego Chargers 23- 0
at Kansas City Chiefs 45- 0
Miami Dolphins 14- 3
Houston Oilers 32-16
at Cincinnati Bengals 7- 3
Tampa Bay Buccaneers 42- 0
at Houston Oilers 21- 0

Comparing the 2007 defense to the 1974-76 defense is laughable.
No-offense to this Forum's younger-members, but those who never saw the '75/'76 defense in-action really might-not be qualified to compare todays, or even the defense of the mid-'90s:
that team was LOADED with Pro-Bowlers and Hall-of-Fame players from sideline to sideline.....
imagine Andy Russell being your 'weakest' line-backer!!!!!

The Steelers played much of the '76 depleted by injuries (which probably kept them from beating Oakland for the AFC Championship that season..... they beat the Dolts 40-14 AT Baltimore in a game that wasn't as-close-as the score indicated! ), yet in many games, instead of punting-away late in the game, Noll went for it on 4th down, with the game already at-hand (to keep the defense off the field ), and the team gained-enough to move the chains anyhow.

Bradshaw had been slammed head-first into the turf at Cleveland by Turkey Jones, and Swann had been laid-out in the opener at Oakland by George Atkinson, so the passing-game was almost non-existent:
as the offense came-off the field, it was said that many times, Greene would say to his passing-teammates "That's OK..... you guys hold-'em, and WE'LL score!"

The Steeler defense of the mid-'70s forced the League to change the rules (legalized open-hand pass-blocking, limiting down-field 'chucks', etc. ), and the game has since become glorified pass-and-tab:
none of today's wide-receivers would've 'pranced' through the Steelers secondary withour fear of short-neck diesease.

The best defense in NFL history played long-before the advent of mugging for the camera after making a common tackle, hoping to get shown on ESPN's SportsCenter.
"If I could start my life all-over again, I would be a professional football-player, and you damn-well better-believe I'd be a Pittsburgh Steeler!"

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