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I agree with the above, the only way to beat the Pats is ball control. That may work for a while but what if Brady and moss hit some quick scores. Me thinks the offense had better have all its cogs in line for that game. It's games like this when you need a slow methodical approach to the offense but if Brady gets on a role our offense will have to match scores.

The Steelers D matches up better than most because of our blitz sceme the only way to get Brady off his game is send pressure between guard and center so that he sees the rush as soon as the ball is snapped.

Randy moss is like Dion Sanders on offense your have to shift you hole secondary or they will go deep all day. This is the best offense I have seen since the Vikings when Moss was there and Randle Cunningham was their QB. You cannot stop them from scoring. you just hope you can hold them under 30 and score 30 or more yourself. That game we will be crowning our rookie punter as MVP. He will give thats Pats a long field all day.
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