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Default Re: Cover 2 helps Steelers defense flourish

Originally Posted by Jman View Post
I think the defense looked TOP against the Seahawks (live! - sorry, had to).

On a serious note, it adds one more thing that opponents have to account for. What are the Steelers going to bring? Blitz on the strong side? Blitz on the weak side? OLB blitz? Cover 2? Safety blitz?

I like it. :)
I do too---I had to laugh watching the game. It was aparent pretty early that our coverage was great, because Hasselback had nowhere to throw. All the announcers could say was how much time the Seahawk oline was giving Hasselback, how well they were playing blah blah blah. They didn't mention that we were only bringing three guys on the pass rush.

Sometimes I really wonder how these guys ever got their jobs.
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