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Can't you just see Lebeau foaming at the mouth to one-up the so called defensive "genius"?

steelers D> cowboys D any day of the week. Better Line. Outside of Ware, their LB's are weak. Not quick enough to play in space. I'm really hoping that timmons can pick up the D enough to get in on obvious passing downs by then on every passing down. We need that speed to be able to hang with brady the way he spreads out the ball.

I was watching some halftime or postgame show, might even have been on espn i dunno. But someone said "The only team physical enough in this league to punch NE in the mouth, RIGHT NOW, and give them a close game, is the pitt. steelers"

... and then went on to talk about how he can easily see the Indy-Pats game going something like the Dallas-Pats game. High scoring, Indy D gets picked apart.

EDMAN- its easy to play man against seattle with no branch, a bum alexander, and I'm pretty sure there was either engram or hackett or someone else injured for a WR.

That's a little different than moss,welker, stallworth. Dallas Big ogre LB's didnt have the speed to play in space with them. Not to mention they were missing A henry (althought i dont think that would have affected the outcome one bit).

We got the speed and depth to hang with brady and put some pressure on him I believe. And of course Brady and _________
We just gotta get some Big plays outta the D.

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