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Default Re: Steelers return to tough stretch that doesn't look so difficult

There is one thing I believe to be a plus we have a core of young players a major positions that I believe even after winning the Superbowl are very hungry. When cower left you could almost feel the uncertainness in the locker room by the way Tomlin and Ben's first conversation went. The team did not want a new guy.

But now that they see the way he coaches they are on fire and realize that hes a coach that could take them back to the Superbowl. We may lose a couple of games and may only make it to the first round of the playoffs this year. But I believe we will when a Superbowl with Tomlin. I think he has a 3-4 year window with this talent base baring major injury.

The team just seams hungry again and we lost that in 2006 without The Bus. Cower did his best to act as if he was still hungry but he wasn't.. I believe the team new that and the uneasiness started in training camp2006 when they felt he was just going through the motions, and you know some players thought that. Tomlin is hungry and the team feeds off of that.
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