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Default 10/07/07 Seahawks Poem

Seattle came to Heinz for a visit last week
Revenge for Superbowl XL is what they would seek

Our Superbowl victory was tainted is what they say
That whole controversy should have ended Sunday

How this game would end was a nice surprise
On a day where we were missing a bunch of key guys

For most of the first half it was a real punt fest
After that I'm sure Seattle wants to forget the rest

First there was the drive with the TD by Heath Miller
Then Ike Taylor's interception proved to be their game killer

The Steelers were able to get in synch in the 2nd half
And Najeh's "Heinz Field Hop" made us laugh

Ben was a picture of perfection for most of the game
Not just at handoffs like some people claim

Seattle couldn't stand the heat in more ways than one
And they threw in the towel before the game was done

Steelers kept the ball and ran it right down their throat
The first shutout in Heinz history - that's all she wrote

What a great way for the Steelers to head into the bye
Next it's on to Denver to play at Mile High

We all know what happened the last time we went there
Denver's Superbowl hopes disappeared in the thin air

Our Steelers have given us plenty of reason to cheer
Let's hope the winning continues the rest of this year!

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