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Originally Posted by SteelFist View Post
This is exactly why I can't stand the guy. He is not well liked by fans of other teams either.
Neither is Hines Ward.

I'm going to stand up for this guy. Of course he has to think that his team is the best.

Houshmanzadeh's style of play is very similar to Ward's; he runs precise patterns, he blocks, he takes the hits and gets up and plays the next play.

His Iranian father abandoned the family. The guy was a high school dropout who turned his life around, got his GED and went to junior college. He used his juco success to go to Oregon State. He then made the best of his talent, worked hard, and is a star in that offense. To this point, his name hasn't been brought up in connection with any of the Bengals' scandals; he doesn't seem to run with that crowd.

I'll overlook the fact that he looks like Richard Reid and that he plays for the Bengals and see a guy who has made himself a success. If he happened to get frustrated with a reporter and cussed him out, well, who wouldn't cuss out, say, Smizik? Every time I've heard Houshmanzadeh on ESPN Radio interviews he's been respectful and insightful.

I'd have him on my team in a minute. He might say that his team is the best, but you don't hear the "me" word. I'll go so far as to say that for him, playing for the Bengals is a curse; on any other team, he'd be a star. On the Steelers he'd be reborn.

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