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Originally Posted by Mosca View Post
Neither is Hines Ward.

I'm going to stand up for this guy. Of course he has to think that his team is the best.

Houshmanzadeh's style of play is very similar to Ward's; he runs precise patterns, he blocks, he takes the hits and gets up and plays the next play.

his tired anti-steeler act is an exercize in self loathing, if you ask me. he must either convince himself he plays for the best team or admit he made the worst career and business decision when he turned down more money and the opportunity to replace plaxico burress in favor of the bengals.

it had to burn him pretty bad to see c. wilson catch that trick play bomb at PBS on his way to a SB win.

i do credit him for playing out the grossly underpaid contract he took 3 years ago without hardly any bitching.

while players like him and carson may be good guys and good teammates, they are just as guilty for being a sideshow in chads self serve circus. when they act as props to his antics (pulling off jersey name plates, cloaking him in an enshirnment jacket, etc) its hard to respect what they may be on a different team.
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