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Default Re: Steelers miss Porter ... or do they?

Originally Posted by Lord Stiller View Post
Porter never griped about his contract which I give him credit for unlike Hines Ward and Faneca. Porter played out his contract and moved on like a man. He could have held out like Ward or publicly whined like Faneca but he didn't. I don't know what you are talking about?????????
I am talking about this - there is a lot more but this is just a sample

May 24, 2006 KDKA story

It might be more than knee surgery that’s keeping Steelers linebacker Joey Porter from practicing with the team.

Our news partners at the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette report that sources say Porter may be unhappy with his contract.

Tuesday, Porter worked out at the Steelers’ practice facility on the South Side, but did not practice with the team.

He hasn’t attended any of the voluntary spring drills since mini-camp.

August 18, 2006 Post-Gazette story

Steelers linebacker Joey Porter told the NFL Network last night that he almost did not show up at camp this summer, and the main reason he did was because of his close relationship with coach Bill Cowher.

"He's one of the main reasons why I'm back here at camp," Porter said. "Contract-wise I wasn't too happy with the situation that we [had] going into the season. But I talked to coach Cowher, and after me and him had our words ... he said he's going to be here, so he had a big impact on me being here in camp this year."

Co-host Marshall Faulk then asked a follow-up question about holding out of camp and whether Porter felt like he was underpaid.

"Definitely," Porter said. "I definitely feel that I have outplayed the contract that I am under. What I bring to the team ... It's not just me out there playing football. Me being the leader I am and the response I get from my team ... The whole city of Pittsburgh knows what I bring. Coach Cowher knows what I bring.

November 15, 2006 Tribune Review interview

Trib: There's one more year on your contract after this season. Are you still seeking an extension on this current deal?

Porter: I'm just trying to concentrate on playing football. I try to not even worry about my contract situation because I'm here. I've always been happy.

I've never had a day with me playing football for the Steelers, being unhappy. At that point in time, I just wanted some assurance of where I was going to be. My kids go to school here. They're getting older.

My philosophy is, I didn't see the difference. You know I'm going to be here. As far as my play, my level of play is not going to drop. I feel like I'm in my prime of playing football. Lock me in so I don't have to think, ''What am I going to do next year? Am I going to be here, or am I not going to be here?'' I don't want to have that stress on my mind. If we're all in this thing together, if we're a team, it's tough to tell a person we want to make a rule for this person, but everybody else has to go by this. That was the big thing. It wasn't that "Joey, we don't want to give you the deal."

It's the whole point why are you going to make one person better than the rest of the team? You're creating separation on the team and don't even know it.

You can't say that the quarterback is the only person that can do a deal with two years left; everybody else has to wait.

January 9, 2007 Post-Gazette columm

The Porter issue will be the sexiest of the offseason. He wasn't happy with his contract this season and considered holding out before being talked out of it by then-coach Bill Cowher. "I definitely feel that I have outplayed the contract that I am under," Porter told the NFL Network at the time. "What I bring to the team ... it's not just me out there playing football. Me being the leader I am and the response I get from my team."

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