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Default Re: the "big quarter" package

Originally Posted by SteelFist View Post
I've never read anywhere where Timmons was being trained as a 4-3 MLB. Are u sure? Its interesting if true.
maybe i was thinking of the speculation that he will be converted to mlb if we ever switch to 4-3, and thinking of farrior as an mlb when he is the only lb on the field. heres the recent article on timmons:

Timmons is a tantalizing prospect because of his blend of size and speed.

He is 6-foot-1 and 234 pounds, yet he is fast enough that the Steelers have used him as a gunner on their punt coverage team.

As Parker can attest, Timmons is a hard hitter, but he seems just as comfortable dropping back into pass coverage as he does rushing the quarterback.

His ability to "play in space," as coach Mike Tomlin calls it, may be one reason why the Steelers have Timmons practicing at both inside and outside linebacker.

Timmons said he could play inside linebacker on one of the Steelers' subpackages, presumably a pass defense one in which Timmons would cover the tight end.

"Learning both positions, it puts a lot on you," said Timmons, who was the 15th overall pick of last April's draft. "I think I'm getting better than I was at training camp."
whats interesting is with just the replacement of clark or smith with timmons (if he can learn the safety position in this package), we could easilly disguise our quarter package as a conventional 4-3 (assuming timmons, polamalu, and farrior are the 3 backers).

i think this grouping is perfect to combat a no huddle/spread formation offense where they wanna catch you with your pants down and not allow you to do substitutions.
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