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Default The SFNFC

As Rev as already said, we are close.

The Duke was kind enough to sign me on as co-manager and I was able to go into the league and record all off the rosters week 1-6, roster moves, and waiver priority.

We only have a record 'til week 3, but I was able to figure out the formula Yahoo uses to makes their schedules, so I can fix this. It will take me a few days to do all the crunching, but it is easily possible.

We can run this league easily without Yahoo.

Rev would be taking over as commissioner of the league and I have asked Dynasty to take over the vacant team.

I have Stattracker and the point system is the same as the AFC so what we would do is

A.) Post you roster moves here on the forum. I know you won't have a FA pool to look at, but it is possible. How do I know? Yahoo didn't always exist! We would do that old school. We would maintain a waiver system. Simply dropped player will be on waivers for (I think it is) 3 days. If you would like to put in a proposal for a waivered player you would just PM me or Rev (we'll figure that out later) and who you would drop if you can earn that player. Any NON WAIVER players can be picked up by simply posting it here:

For example:

Dropping Selvin Young for Michael Bennett

Simple as that. It will be done on a first come first serve basis.

B.) You will post your rosters for the week here NO LATER than 12:45 on Sunday. You can make any changes by posting them here for players who don't play at 1:00.

For example
QB Randall Cunningham
WR Steve Largent
WR Troy Edwards

But Edwards doesn't play until 8:30. Leave another post

Change Edwards to Jerry Rice (who would also not have played that day)


C.) The math will be easy. If someone has Santonio. I will look at what Santonio scored in the AFC (Points are the same and I get instant scores with Stattracker) and it will be the same. It will be VERY possible.


If you guys want to play ball... Rev and I will GLADLY make it happen.

I don't want the memory of our inaugural season to be tarnished.
Mad props to Steel-Bryan for the Bucco sig.
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