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Default Re: Patriots least of Steelers' concerns now

Originally Posted by Haiku_Dirtt View Post
This game may make the pathetic and painfully redundant ESPN a few good story lines but the bottom line is zero.

We aren't in their division and we aren't trying to go 16-0. I'd be happy to lose to the Pats if it's our third or fourth loss. Reversal of Fortune.

The bigger game at that juncture of our season will be Jacksonville if the Ravens won't cooperate and go away.
Great post! I agree 100% I really believe in the whole "reversal of fortune" theory. It's so very hard in this day and age to beat a good team twice. We rode that theory all the way to the trophy in '05. The Colts made us look silly on Monday night that year only to have us return the favor when it mattered.

We have also been on the other side of this when we destroyed the Patriots on Halloween in '04 only to be clobbered at home by them in the playoffs.

I know it's un-thinkable that a loss could be good, but it would also have all of the blow-hards in the press writing us off as pretenders if we lost to the Pats. We always seem to play better as underdogs. Someday I would like to see us buck that trend and just purely dominate but right now, I think we still need that little motivation that comes with being dis-respected. So with that I say .....*gulp*.... go Pats?
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