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Default Re: Madden thinks Steelers should have...

I completely disagree

I actually like Chambers even though he has played really bad and dropped a lot of balls this season and last season. But 3 seasons ago, he looked like one of the best in the league.

With that being said, I think a 2nd round pick is too high. A 3rd maybe. We need these early picks to revamp our weak O-line after the season. Plus, I dont know what his contract is but am guessing that Chambers makes a lot of money.

The deal that happened seemed like a good deal for both the Chargers and the Dolphins.

Once again. Mark Madden is a little crazy and underestimates the Steelers. I thought Reche Caldwell was a decent receiver who the Steelers could have signed for the vet minimum (I think the Redskins signed him)
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