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Default Re: Serious question about Sports Teams?Steelers/Sports related

I hear you about being young and taking loses hard. I'm 21 and know that I was a bear after the Cardinals game, while my dad the next day just pointed out a few observations, where things went wrong, and shrugged.

The bottom line is the game's about passion and rooting for laundry.

And I love laundry.

Originally Posted by klick81 View Post
I love lamp.
Not to mention a good lamp.

EDIT: and sorry to disregard the question in such a joking matter. I see you were asking a "serious" question. To be honest I can't explain it. The Steelers are part of my culture. And recently its been a winning culture. I hate to see that change. I'd like to take the Pirates very serious, but how can I. At my age, I haven't really seen a successful Pirates team. Losing is what I've always associated with the Buccos so I only feel any sort of emotion when they drop a close one or win. Its about culture, I guess. This team is so much more than a football team.

There are people on this board with different ideas about foreign policy, morals, political affiliation, etc, etc. Yet we are all invested in the Pittsburgh Steelers, so we all meet here and (don't always agree) but have at least that in common.
Mad props to Steel-Bryan for the Bucco sig.
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