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Default Re: the "big quarter" package

Originally Posted by tony hipchest View Post
and to think were only talking about the vanilla base package of 4-1-6 coverage. imagine when they start throwing wrinkles into that such as keisel, polamalu, and farrior moving around and roaming before the snap. we have only seen the baby step stages of what this defense can do.
I think your right Tony, for this package to really work you need to be able to switch between man coverage and zone coverage. The first few times you show it you go man, this makes the QB hold the ball for a second longer allowing the rush to get there. Then you mix in a zone and zone blitz utilizing Kiesel, Farrior (Timmons) and Polamalu.

Same personel, same formation, same look, totally different movement at the snap of the ball.
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