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Default Re: Serious question about Sports Teams?Steelers/Sports related

I've been thinking about this question all day since I first read it and I've got the following answers:

1) It affects me so much because I've put in a lot of years with this team and been throw thick and thin with them. They have become my "other" family. When they are up, I'm up and when they are down, I'm down. However, what happens is sometimes the fantasy of this family can overtake the reality of my true family. Therefore, it creates stress that is not necessary.

2) Since the birth of my daughter, and the contant changes in her, my ties - although still strong with the Steelers - with the team have changed. Even when the Steelers lose lately, coming home to a 2 year old daughter calling you out to play in her room or on the bed changes everything.

3) I will forever be a Steelers fan and I'm raising my daughter to be the same. In the last week I've taught her to say, "Polamalu", "Big Ben", and "Fast Willie Parker" which have never sounded cuter than coming out of a 2 year old. Anyway, I digress - I will forever be a fan but I've come to the crossroads in my life that I have to make the choice not to allow my life to be adversely affected by a game (at least until my daughter becomes the first female kicker in NFL history to kick a game winning field goal - for none other than our beloved Steelers)!

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