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Default Re: SFNFC (URGENT!!!)

Crush let me know that we can still do the AFC vs. NFC thing. Also, if you see anything glaringly wrong in the new league, let one of us know, but there will be changes made for the next couple of days. I REALLY want to open up waivers by Saturday morning, but we will have to do so very carefully. Once I have updated standings from the results of last week, we will open up waivers one owner at a time, from last to first, limit 3 transactions. I hate to be arbitrary about this, but it's the 11th hour and we just don't have time to be democratic. I did make one change that I wanted to run past everyone. I set up team defense scoring to reward playing well. The change awards 20 points for a shutout, 15 for 0-3 points. 10 points for 3-6 points and 5 points for 6-10. I can change that if a lot of people don't like it. The other question I had was did the individual receive points for returns in the old league or did the defense on kick/punt returns?

I have a lot of appointments today, so I may not be able to get back to this until this afternoon. I know Crush is busy too, but he's going to be working on this as well.
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