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Default Re: Bad year in NFL

It is my belief that the NFL is into parity, they want all team to be equal, with money, talent, and everything else. It then falls on the coaches to produce the better team.

In my opinion it will never word. They are doing what the government wants the schools to do, by trying to make everything equal. All children have to pass the same standardized test. Even some may be gifted in music others in math or science they have to pass the same test. They want pencil boxes out of all children even though some are more like violins, others more like cedar chests, while yet others should be entertainment centers, they want pencil boxes out of all of them. A standardized test in school, free agency and salary caps in football plus profit sharing with team that has less of a fan bases than other teams. The NFL wants all teams being equal and on the same playing field.

Sorry but what ever happened to free enterprise in this country? Taking chances, with the risk of failure; Thomas Edison did it when working on the light bulb. If he didn’t how would be lighting the football field today, oil lamps?

Kids go out for football or baseball knowing they will not be cut, because that just doesn’t happen unless you are playing on a select team. Then the coaches become more of baby sitters than coaches to some, but let the parents scream if their kids come home and say the coach yelled at them. The parents are never at practice, never at games but are the first to scream if their poor little one is yelled at, no matter what the precious little did to get yelled at.

Sorry got off the subject, I’m ADD you know. Just ask my college professors, they will tell you.

ADD and being old, what a combination. You not only forget what you were writing about, but forget why you were writing about it.

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