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Default Re: Bad year in NFL

It's always been that way, TBD; it was like that when I went to school in the '60s, and probably like that for generations before, too. It's up to those who are different and better in some ways to have the DRIVE and the WILL to overcome the regimentation. Just being talented is never enough.

The teams with the best grasp of the intangibles will always rise. There will always be a group of cautious teams in the middle, and there will be some clueless teams that have lost their way ('07 Bengals) on the bottom.

"Game manager" quarterbacks usually have those high passer ratings; could the lower numbers this year be a reaction to the recent criticism of the "game manager" style of play? I don't think so, but it's worht considering for a moment. The teams that have been coming up from the bottom, Detroit, Cleve, Ariz, etc, have been making their mark by putting up mucho points; Big risk offenses put up massive scores, but low passer ratings. I didn't go look at the stats boards to comfirm this (typing in the middle of a busy workday), but maybe someone else wants to.
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