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Default Re: 10 years ago: The 1997 Steelers

The 1970's were football's version of heaven for me.

The 1980-1991 was filled with bad football and a pre-Kordell version...Mark Malone...quite possibly the worst QB I have ever seen...and definitely the worst Steelers QB I have ever seen. Chuck Noll should have retired a good 5-7 years before he did. No disrespect towards the man, but his teams from 1985 through 1991 were dreadful.

1992-1997 - Loved the Cowher years from 1992 through 1997 and loved the passion he showed. The 1997 Championship game would have been won had the Steelers not gotten greedy when leading 14-10 where Kordell threw into double coverage in the end zone. He had a freaking 1st Down had he just taken the ball down and run it. The 1994 defense is still one of my favorite defensive units we have had. They don't compare to the 70's group, but I loved to watch them play. We should have won that SB against the Cowboys.

1998-2000 - The end of the Donahoe reign in Pittsburgh....thank goodness!!!!!! The 1999 draft still marks the angriest I have ever been at the Steelers during draft day when they passed on Kearse for Edwards.

2001-2005 - Other than 1 year, this period of time rivaled the 1992 through 1997 years as Cowher's best 5-6 year span. As a matter of fact, it was better due to the SB victory.

2006 - Horrible year and focus by the team. It was sweet to knock the Bengals out of the playoffs though for the 2nd straight year. That was the only redeeming item to this entire season.

2007 - I feel the same way about this team as I did about the 1992 team. I love the enthusiasm and energy this team plays with. This year is going to be really special.
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