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Default Re: Serious question about Sports Teams?Steelers/Sports related

Originally Posted by Borski View Post
Maybe I am over affected by it, but when we are losing I am stressed out and if we lose I feel depressed for a day (sometimes more depending on the scale of the game) but if we win its completely the opposite! I feel pumped up and feel great.

I only miss games if there are very important things (such as family/friend problem/issue/emergencys) that get in the way.
The same way applies with me. I never make plans for Steeler games and if they lose are are losing i get upset and mad, but never give up on them.

I watch every game to the end no matter what and if we win im as happy as can be.

And to answer your question its because i love my Steeler's to death born and raised a fan here in Pitt, and my jpb is to back my team up and always be with them in the times of good and the times of bad!

Its a steelers life for me!
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