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Default Re: Bad year in NFL

Great franchises will do well in most any circumstance as poorly run franchises will do poorly under most business models. The teams that were poorly run before the cap are still poorly run and visa versa.

Still, those that don't like the salary cap need to remember the words of Jerry Jones. I believe it was two contracts ago, when he basically admitted he didn't have the votes to override the Rooney's and other owners who wanted to keep the revenue sharing and salary cap in place as is (because they go together). Anyway, Jones said something like, "I know no one cares about my opinion, but someday they will."

And if you think about it, with the older guard dying off, sadly Jones might have a point. Remember the guy is building a billion dollar stadium. Just think of the extra revenue that stadium will bring in. I think the Rooney's are the best owners in sports. While I believe they would stay competitive for a while without the cap or revenue sharing, eventually even the Rooney's wouldn’t be able to compete without the two mechanisms that ensure some parity in finances.

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