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Default Re: 10 years ago: The 1997 Steelers

Originally Posted by Steel Pit View Post
Cowher stripped "ALL" of his coordinators of play calling responsibilities at one time or another during their tenures. If you watch the NFL Films-sideline footage from Super Bowl XXX, you'll notice that Cowher snubbed Earhardt and radio communicated with WR's coach, Chan Gailey, during crucial points in the game.

Being from London, Ohio and knowing Dick LeBeau's brother, I can also tell you that Cowher used to overrule about 50% of LeBeau's calls. Many players have since stated that LeBeau is no longer "handcuffed" as he was with Cowher.

You are right though, Sherman was the absolute WORST offensive coordinator ever but Cowher can also be described as a dictator.
Oh yeah- Cowher was hell on his assistants, especially in the earlier years, starting with 2 assistants he canned after the 1993 playoff loss to the Chiefs.

Cowher fell in love with Gailey's more wide open approach during the 1995 season and canned Erhardt at the end of the season so he could keep Gailey as the new O-coordinator. Other coaches (special teams ace Bobby April and LeBeau) took lateral jobs with other teams in the mid-1990s because Cowher was such a bastard. Getting LeBeau back from Buffalo after Tim Lewis was the ritual human sacrifice for the 2003 season was surprising, since Cowher & LeBeau definitely were not close.
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