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Default Re: 10 years ago: The 1997 Steelers

Originally Posted by SCSTILLER View Post
Isn't that the truth. That is when I became a Steelers fan. Good old Bubby Brister and his mom constantly on TV. Never considered cheering for another team though, my family would killed me.
A friend and myself had a conversation about Bubby one day this past week and I was telling him how much I liked Bubby, he didnt understand why. He was just fiery and just seemed like he would have been a great leader in a battle somewhere. Those years were marred' with the bad drafts that included No. 1 picks
RB Tim Worley Georgia
OT Tom Ricketts
You just cant draft like that and expect to be competitive
every year. But I made it through all those years including every sunday wondering why the Steelers kept starting
Mark Malone!!!!!!
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