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Originally Posted by Mosca View Post
It's always been that way, TBD; it was like that when I went to school in the '60s, and probably like that for generations before, too. It's up to those who are different and better in some ways to have the DRIVE and the WILL to overcome the regimentation. Just being talented is never enough.
I remember when

Before free agency, salery cap, grass rules, you had real football. Ball was live until the ref blew it dead. (No I not going to add a Monica joke, she wasn't a ref. and she was after the grass rule. different grass too.) There was no such thing as throwing out of bounds, it was intentional grounding. QB's had to be tough (see Johny Unitus, Otto Grahm, Finks, Dawson, to name just some) When a person was tackled and the offensive player tried to get up first or while the defensive player was still above them, they were pushed back down. No such thing as unsportsman like conduct call, no Television time outs in a game, advertising was sold as time allowed, and it was squeezed in on time outs, injuries, halftime.
That was old football. That was real football. Oh that was when we walked to school in 10 feet of snow, barefoot, up hill bothways, oh I remember it well. Howdy Doody, Buffalo Bob, Winky Dink, 45 records, sock hops, what was I talking about????

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