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Default Good Game Steelers!!!

I new as soon as I got to the boards that I would see tones of negative post. (I was hoping I wouldn't but I did) The reason I make that statement is I believe the Steelers played one of their best games yet.

They went into Denver and played a team that we all know was better than their record. A team that felt this was a make or break for their season and also their pride was at stake. The Steelers came out flat with hardly any emotion and were down most of the game by two touchdowns. Not only that but Ben played one of his worst games of the season. The defense was also kinda non-inspiring.

So you may say why would I make the statement of "Good Game Steelers" the reason is after all the things stated above they still stopped them when they needed to and drove down the field and scored to tie the game. Oh and by the way Ben was 8 for 8 on the last drive with the TD to Miller. He was also 6 for 6 in the redzone with 4 TD's. The defense played good on the last drive until that last throw (which i thought was a fumble). One pass deflection and it was overtime.

We still need to shore up the pass defense or just blitz all out Cutler had to much time. But all-in-all I think the team showed that they are starting to gel even more. The offensive line played better in the second half. and for Ben to play that good after 3 turnovers in the first half I thought it was impressive.

Again I state.........Good Game Steelers!!!

Oh yeah one more thing, Thank you Buffalo Bills. Ravens 4-3 Steelers 4-2
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