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Default Re: Some props to Ben.

Hey I refuse to drive myself crazy and get depressed when the Steelers lose. THE OFFENSIVE LINE WAS THE AREA OF CONCERN BEFORE THE SEASON BEGAN.

The Steelers may make it to the play offs they are on balance good enough but THEY ARE NOT AN ELITE TEAM. Accept this reality and you will enjoy this season.much more. The offensive line must be strengthened during the off season in a very agressive manner. Ben needs more protection and Parker needs better openings. The defense will be off the field more and then and only then are the Steelers an elite team.

Hope for 11 and 5, get into the play offs injury free and anything can happen.

If you are blaming Ben, Willie or Troy for the Steelers loss today you simply do not recognize superior talent and do not know football. The blame belongs with the THE OFFENSIVE LINE AND THAT IS IT. IT IS THAT SIMPLE.

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