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Default Re: Some props to Ben.

I'd have to seriously give Ben a B- for this game, though I'd give the OL a D- in the first half alone, which didn't help Ben's performance that half. I don't blame this loss on Ben - this was definitely a total team loss.

Yes - the Broncs most definitely should have been slapped with a 15 yarder for throwing Ben to the ground like that. No doubt about it.

I've said it before and I"ll say it again - for whatever reason, this team seems to be sleepwalking in the first half and comes alive in the second. Consistency (along with the turnover problems) seems to be what this team is lacking right now imho. They just don't play solid kick a$$ football for 60 minutes. This is where the coaching staff comes into play. They need to light a bonfire under their a$$es before they take the field and keep it going from opening kickoff to the final second ticks off that clock.

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