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Default Re: Is Polamalu overrated?

Poloamalu "trails the play?" Polamalu is there on EVERY play. Even the ones where he begins 30 yards away. So, you might see him in the last seconds near the pile. But you didn't see the 30 yard sprint that would have made the tackle, if he'd have been needed to do that.

He plays the high risk/high reward style that has served this team well, and the reason it has served us well is that he guesses right a lot, and that he has the athleticism to recover on most of his wrong guesses.

But you know what? You're right. Let's trade him, and pick up one of those REALLY good guys. You know the ones I mean, the ones who are BETTER. Like... uh....

Or, let's trade him for a draft choice, and get one of those hot cover guys; maybe a Pacman Jones type, a REAL athlete who can cover and return kicks!

Or better yet; why not have the Rooneys dissolve the franchise and invest the money in hedge funds? That would certainly be better than all this messy sports stuff.
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