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Default What exactly was Casey Hampton doing?

I haven't seen anything posted about this anywhere, and it disturbs me deeply. I think I have a pretty good understanding of the game, but there were at least two plays by Hampton that defy logic. Can someone help me understand?

On two seperate occasions, I saw Casey Hampton line-up over center, then, as the ball was snapped, simply stand up and not move at all. The first time I saw this, I thought perhaps this was some kind of zone-blitz play where he occupies the short middle zone, but the rest of the play developing around him didn't seem to support that. Inexpicably, he did the same thing again a few plays later, and it was glaringly obvious because Cutler scrambled right past him and just made him look silly.

Does anyone have any kind of reasonable explanation as to why the NT in a 3-4 would not only NOT be occupying blockers, but just stand up in the middle of the field and do nothing?
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