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Default Re: 10 thoughts on the game

Originally Posted by HometownGal View Post
Good post LLT!

I can deal with Madden and Michaels - they make the occcasional fubar but know their stuff for the most part. It's Collinsworth-less that gets the shoe, slipper, whatever I have in my hand - the moment he opens that garbage dump he calls a mouth.

I agree with the majority of what you stated, but especially with #10. OK - we lost the battle - now let's get behind our Steelers and the coaching staff and get ready to head to PBS to hunt down some Bungle.
OHHHH you are preaching to the choir!!!...Chris Collinsworth is a tool of the first order...he says in one week that the pats are Cheaters and he wanted BB suspended ..then turns around and says they are the best team he as EVER seen the next week...DUH!!! Put 2 & 2 together!!!

He has to be related to Marvin Lewis.
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