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Default Re: Good Game Steelers!!!

Originally Posted by BmoreRAYvens52 View Post
I know, you lost to the Cardinals. Ill admit our offense is horrible, but our D still dominates Ben every time. How many sacks did he have last time?
Are you asking how many sacks Ben had?....You do know that he is a QB...right.

OHHHHH you're a Ravens fan..Let me start from the basics....

You see, Each team has an offense and a defense. the offense are those players on the field when WE have the ball....The defense is on the field when the OTHER team has the ball.

When that defense tackles a QB behind the line of scrimmage AND he has the ball..its called a sack.

Now, since one of the players on the offense is the means he is on the team when WE have the ball. He can GET sacked...but not Have a sack...because that would involve the other teams QB being on the field at the same time.

Please feel free to pass this information on to Pastor Lewis
thank you.
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