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Originally Posted by revefsreleets View Post
I'm usually the Steelers biggest cheerleader, but last night was a reality check. Denver is not a good football team. They were a couple lucky bounces from being 0-5 entering the game. The Chargers slapped them up and down that same field just a couple weeks ago, and the Chargers aren't all that great this year.

We have lost two road games on the road against VERY questionable opponents. If we continue this pattern we are going to be 9-7 this year. This team is going to have to learn to beat bad road opponents, and they need to learn NOW. We play at Cincinnati next Sunday, and the Bengals are amongst the worst 5 football teams in the NFL. If we play anything like we did yesterday against the Bengals still potent offense, we are going to lose 50-30.
Second that!
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