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Default Re: The Sky isnt Falling but...

Originally Posted by moedap View Post
1. Our receivers arent running their routes with conviction which is attributing to Big Ben holding the ball for so long. There were 3 occasions where they showed our recievers running double move routes and the Denver CB's never bit because the fake by the reciever was half hearted. Ben needs to hit his checkdowns a lot quicker.

2. The playcalling seems to come without rhyme or reason. Like they are saying okay lets try this now. I wish they would try more slants and outs rather than looking to go 10 to 15 yards a pass.

3. Sean Mahan has problems snapping to Ben in the shotgun formation.

4. The offense only seems to show a desire to score when behind when on the road.
I agree with most of your points, especially the O running more slants. One of the very few slants they attempted last night was to Cedric Wilson on their final TD drive that got them a first down on 2nd or 3rd and long. Santonio Holmes with his speed would be very effective in slant patterns - he'd have a chance to take one to the house if he got enough separation. I'd also like to see more 3-step drops from Ben, so he can get rid of the ball quicker since the OL is so porous. Making more use of the no-huddle shotgun formation in other situations than the 2:00 offense or when we're behind wouldn't hurt either. Ben obviously runs it very well - why not use it more often?
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