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Default Re: The Sky isnt Falling but...

Originally Posted by MasterOfPuppets View Post
yup ,i noticed that. i just wanna know where all these innovated blitzes and schemes are, that we read about in the 100 articles during preseason.
On the bright side, we will not be seeing the return of that nonsensical "best Steelers defense ever" thread.

While watching the game I was talking with someone who agreed we may see Tomlin's will being asserted with the D becoming more Cover 2 (which was apparently played a great deal in the Seattle game) and less zone blitz.

Not to be underestimated was the loss of Aaron Smith early - if Smith is out next week the Steelers are going to need to score in the 30s to win at Cincy.

As for the long term, the Steelers still are probable to win the division and highly unlikely to finish ahead of New England or Indy, so the greatest effect of last night probably is to confirm that if the Steelers are going to make any noise in the playoffs it will be on the road after the first weekend.
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