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Default Re: Sorry Lasts nights game begs the question

Originally Posted by Atlanta Dan View Post
Last night's game was the first time I began to fear Arians rep of wanting to take the Steelers back to the pass first mentality of 2003 might have some merit. If he pulls a similar game plan out against the Bengals IMO there will be cause to be concerned about where he has the offense heading.

The D was rotten as well (hard to say how much of taht was due to teh loss of Aaron Smith), but that first half performance by the O was abysmal. As Madden said, Tomlin is still learning how to be a HC, so there are going to be bumpy moments throughout this year (although wasting time outs on foolish replay challenges needs to end now).

I will just enjoy the season and hopefully a playoff berth. It is a long way to January, but any idea the Steelers will stay within 10 points of New England in Foxborough is nonsense at the moment
And what a shocker that we lost in the final seconds in Denver to a Bronco team coming off a bye after three consecutive losses. Um. Not shocked at all.

IN FACT that we played so freaking flat and then poorly and still almost pulled it off on the road leaves me with an UNCHANGED opinion of this team.

We'll make the playoffs. That's it.

Maybe the Fed can step in and prevent our O-line from going into foreclosure. I'd like to liquidate.
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