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Default Re: Ben Gets No Love from the Zebras!!!

Originally Posted by Indy_Steelers View Post
The refs blew the whistle and 2 or 3 more Broncos pile on Ben and nothing was call. The other thig that bothered me was the no call on the Broncos tackle hooking Harrison because Harrison was kicking his arse.
Speaking of zebras----one one of those sacks I think it took at least five guys to finally bring Ben down---it reminded me of one of those "wild kingdom" shows where it takes 6 hyenas to finally get the zebra or antelope down--- after a heroic but tragic effort by the zebra.

The problem is Ben is a big tough guy----and the refs don't protect him as much as carson "wwaaaa waaaa" palmer or others. That said, the o-lines of brady and manning are steller----there is a reason why those two don't get hurt.
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