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Default Re: 10 thoughts on the game

Originally Posted by lamberts-lost-tooth View Post
Just some thoughts on the game last night.

1) I thought that Tomlin made some good adjustments in the second half, but our offensive game plan was weak.

2) If I had to hear Madden call our Coach.."Tomlinson" one more time I may have had to poke my eye out with a rusty fork.

3) Jay Cutler is going to be special

4) If I had to see 5'10 190 lbs Deshea Townsend try and arm tackle 6'4 237 lbs Brandon Marshall again.....well...(see #2...other eye.)

5) We are still winning the division...I could care less if we go long as we PEAK when the playoff starts.

6) I may never learn that asking my wife to "watch football" with me translates through the female filter as: "sit with me while the game is one and lets talk about the kids...the bills...your work...your family...your the the gutters....having a cookout next weekend....your upcoming scrap booking hair....your weight.... and the occasional comment that 'you cant be listening if your not looking at me'...etc"

7) Harrison is very prone to biting on the pump fake, but his playing speed is also faster than he gets credit for.

8) I have wore my Lambert throwback jersey to work twice this on the day of the Arizona game, and the other yesterday. Going back to #36 until I can get the tainted jersey to my local shaman and have him sprinkle holy water on it while doing the Hokey-Pokey.

9) Those who say we never use our Tight Ends can now shut up. Miller is as good as anyone in the game and Spaeth has great hands, catches everything away from his body and pulls it in very smooth.

10) We , of the Steelers Nation are a finicky emotional bunch.....I hope this morning you have all joined me in getting over our ritual after-loss grumpiness, have took a deep breath and are getting everything back into perspective.
I have to agree with them all
especially #6
As far as #8-I have brought my wife and kids with me to watch two games and we lost them both. I love them with all my being but...
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