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Default Re: Sorry Lasts nights game begs the question

Originally Posted by tony hipchest View Post
the question i have is how bad would it have been if the broncos had a healthy champ bailey and javon walker?

how bad would the loss arizona have been with a healthy boldin?

the scenario of winning a tiebreaker with the patriots will not even come up. and right now looking at a 3 or 4 seed may be too ambitious. the ravens and jaguars are right there with us, and denver is only 1 game back and have the tiebreaker.

cincinatti's superbowl is played next week, and after that we will have a refreshed raven team with 2 weeks study time for the steelers.

i hope to see the steelers play with a sense of urgency like the broncos did last night, from here on out. the ravens may decide to quit doing us favors by losing (especially when they play us).

Tony you sound like the sky is falling. Its not the presence of absence of those stars that made a difference.

You are correct that we're having touble beating teams that "want it more"---that have an emotional advantage. Motivation has always been an issue---ie why the Steelers do better as an underdog, than the favorite. That said, they will have plenty of motivation against the division teams.

I am hopeful that Tomlin's coaching will eventually even the team out emotionally----then we'll be able to win as the favorite. But we still have risidual "cowher" energy. Tthere is a reaon why his teams could never win home AFC championship games---because they didn't handle being "the favorite" well. (Lets face it---we were nearly as strong of favorites this week as NE was---which is why I knew we were doomed:)

This is an "any given sunday" league----as witnessed on many occasions the first few weeks . I think we'll win the divison, but even if we don't the goal is making the playoffs---if we do that, no harm to foul. In the recent past the teams with the best regular season records don't win the superbowl. (Steelers '04, Colts '04, Chargers '06). No need to worry just yet.
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