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Default Re: Good Game Steelers!!!

Originally Posted by Preacher View Post
Actually... Ben really impressed me tonight.
I agree. For all that went wrong for him in the first half, Ben was practically flawless in the second half (many writers called his second-half performance "superb" and I agree). That's what the media folks mean when they say that a quarterback put the team on his shoulders. And if ever there was solid evidence that Ben is more than a "game manager," it was in full display last night. That right there is a franchise quarterback, albeit one who is still learning and is going to make mistakes.

I'm still scratching my head at the gameplan....and apparently the O-line and defense were as well, since there was precious little evidence of the team that won four of their first five games. All the rest of our opponents now have two games worth of film that show exactly how to beat us, and if major adjustments aren't made in our pass defense, I have a feeling it's gonna be a rollercoaster season.

The main thing I learned from last night's game: we are not in the Indy/New England class -- not saying we won't be as the season progresses (assuming the needed O-line and defensive improvements happen), just that we aren't right now.
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