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Default Re: 10 thoughts on the game

Nice list----I will just say, I agree with most everything except:

# 3---I'm not sold on Cutler yet. Though I believe he will be the best of the three (Lienert/Young/Culter)

#6 ---- I respectfully mention that I'm a "wife" who is more into the Steelers, and football in general, than my husband. There are a lot of us out there----you could have found one of us---but no, you married your wife because you loved her. So you just have to deal with it. ;)

# 8----phew, I'm glad it was you---I thought that I caused the bad karma by not wearing my heath miller jersey. The only other game I didn't wear it was the Arizona game (where I wore my old Porter Jersey---after Arizona I retired that one)
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