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Default Re: Sorry Lasts nights game begs the question

Originally Posted by Counselor View Post
Tony you sound like the sky is falling. Its not the presence of absence of those stars that made a difference.

This is an "any given sunday" league----as witnessed on many occasions the first few weeks . I think we'll win the divison, but even if we don't the goal is making the playoffs---if we do that, no harm to foul. In the recent past the teams with the best regular season records don't win the superbowl. (Steelers '04, Colts '04, Chargers '06). No need to worry just yet.
the steelers rode this way of thinking all the way into game 9 last season. then with a record of 2-6 and being left for dead, they found out it was the time to worry. last year, if we win the early games against the bungles or falcons, we beat KC in a tie breaker (courtesy of an early victory), and we make it to the playoffs at 9-7.

so the sky definitely isnt falling, but the facts are facts. ravens and jaguars have as many wins as the steelers. the broncos have 1 less.

the patriots, colts, and chargers are gonna make the playoffs. ravens, jags, broncos, and steelers will most likely be fighting it out for the final 3 spots.

facing the reality of the situation doesnt mean someone is panicing.
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